Interview with Tanvir Shah

After 2020 being a roller coaster ride for everyone, what do you think is now the role of the Chief Digital Officer in an organization?

Every C Level Executive’s role is always Stakeholder returns. In the context of the CDB it is most relevant to speak of Shareholder Return and Customer Expectations.

The Role of the CDO has been accentuated by the Covid “Work from Anywhere” culture. As a result all services and information is required by all Stakeholders digitally “anywhere, anytime”.

Digital helps reduce cost of serving customers, helps accelerate service delivery and helps increase revenue and addresseable market size. The role of the CDO in this case is clearly to enable better Shareholder return and exceed customer expectations.

What is it that organizations are lacking in their digital transformation journey and why?

Focus and Commitment.

Focus on digitalising end to end for all stakeholders , and commitment on digitalising urgently across all functions.

A focussed commitment to transform organisations digitally is required by forward looking leaderships.

What is your ideal Digital Growth Vision for the Next 5 Years?

To enable all services for all stakeholder digitally so they may be served anytime anywhere.

How valuable was data in 2020, and how will data impact your 2021 strategy?

Data is the new Sand as they say. Its in huge quantity, its all over the place, and mostly economically of little value on its own.

Extracting Value from Data is like extracting Oil from Sand: you have to dig deep, and while it is surely expensive and time consuming, it does require exceptional skill and patience.

Our Data Strategy is all about finding valuable insights on customer experience, expectations and how we can serve them better.

How do you think attendees will benefit by attending the MENA CDO Connect 2021?

This is the pre-eminent Summit for Digital minded , Data savvy business leaders to meet, discuss, probe and understand the successful digital strategies of our times.
Attendees will enjoy networking with the best in the Digital & Data universe.